Change of Mind Policy

Please choose your umbrella carefully as we do not provide a refund if you change your mind, or if the umbrella is not suitable for your space.

In order to make the right choice, we recommend that you check the technical specifications of the umbrella you are interested in. These can be found in the product brochure for each model. Inside the brochure, you will find the key measurements of the umbrella as well as its dimensions when open and closed. 

You can use this information to check to see if the umbrella will work in your space. Common things to check can include furniture clearances, doorways, fences, and roof eaves, to name a few. Please contact our team to assist and clarify information pertaining to the umbrella you are interested in.

Our umbrellas are suitable for most situations, however as terrain, substrates, building materials etc. vary from home to home and location to location, we do recommend seeking professional help (e.g from your builder or construction professional.) when your concern is regarding the structural integrity of your space.

Please note that a refund or return will not be accepted in instances where you’ve installed part or all of your umbrella only to realise it will not work in your space (e.g. too small/big, the substrate you are fixing it to is not suitable for the mounting option you have chosen, colour clash etc.).

Likewise, we will not provide a refund due to a change of mind for whatever reason, once your order has been confirmed, paid for and partially or fully shipped.

In special circumstances, you may be able to exchange part of your order for another. See Exchanging Items for more information.