What are my mounting options?

We know everyone's outdoor space is different so we provide a variety of mounting options for our outdoor umbrellas.

The Free-standing Base

Most of our umbrellas have a free-standing base option. Sometimes called a portable base, the free-standing base gives you the option of moving the location of your umbrella throughout the day or year as the sun moves across the sky. 

Tip: Some models of the free-standing base can be upgraded with heavy-duty castor wheels to improve movability and give the umbrellas the ability to swivel. 

The Wall Mount

We offer a wall mounting option for our Retreat™, Shadowspec Unity™ and Shadowspec Serenity™ Model Umbrellas. This gives you the ability to mount your shade from an existing wall, or structure  without piercing waterproof membranes on rooftops and balconies.

Note: It's important when purchasing a wall-mounted option that the mounting point is supported by a strong wall or pillar - contact a builder if you've got any doubts. 

The In-ground Anchor

The in-ground anchor is a great solution for new builds and locations, where you can dig a hole to cement the anchor in. The in-ground anchor allows for rotation in some models. 

Tip: When you order your umbrella with an in-ground anchor we will send you instructions so you can prepare the hole and purchase the correct concrete to get prepped and ready. 

The Surface Plate 

The Surface Plate is offered for locations where you need to fix to a deck, concrete or patio. Simply bolt the plate into your surface and affix your umbrella spigot. 

Tip: The surface plate requires bolts and support dependent on location, so you should check with your shade consultant when ordering the umbrella. 

Surfaceplate-IconNeed help with your installation?

We have partnered with a range of installers in our main geographical regions, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. No matter the mounting option you choose, these installers can ensure the process is as hassle-free as possible. 

You can see a link to an article with more information on these installers below: 

Who can install my umbrella?