Routine & Preventative Maintenance Checks

To get the best performance from your umbrella, ensure it remains great looking over a longer period, and have it operating correctly, easily and without fault, we recommend the following basic checks.

Daily checks are recommended every time you use the umbrella and we suggest you schedule a 6- monthly full check-up. (Daylight savings is a perfect time!)

What to check:

1. Fixings

Are all the bolts, nuts, and washers secure, in place, and tight? If any are loose, tighten them. If any are missing, contact our support team to order replacements as soon as possible to prevent inadvertent damage to your umbrella. This form will help you order parts

2. Canopy

Check and ensure all umbrella spokes are securely in the canopy pockets.
Always ensure that the canopy is thoroughly dry before storing or closing for long periods of time.

3. Frame

Does the umbrella make squeaking sounds when opening and closing? Sounds such as these suggest that the moving parts of your umbrella may be un-lubricated. We recommend using a silicone-based spray such as DW-40. Does your umbrella make groaning sounds or feel tense when opening and closing? This points to potential damage caused by excessive wind or incorrect operation. Alternatively, there may be one or more damaged strut arms that could be hindering your umbrella from operating properly. If either of these problems occur, we suggest lubricating all moving parts with a silicone spray. Parts to lubricate include but are not limited to the:

  • Gas piston (Gas strut)
  • Axle bolts
  • Sliding trolley wheel
  • Central hubs
  • Strut arm pivot sets
  • Internal spigot
  • Rotating disc (for SU7)

If the problem persists and there is still tension when opening or closing your umbrella, we recommend looking at all struts, main umbrella arms, and the gas strut, to see if the parts are straight, even, not bent and are connecting to each other with bolts/nuts passing at 90 degrees through their parallel axis (straight through).

If anything looks out of shape or bent, attempt to tighten any surrounding bolts/fixings to counter this and if this fails, please take detailed pictures of the issue and forward the photos through to our support team. It is important to note that our team will require photos of the affected parts. You can order the parts here 

Cleaning Routine

1. Frame/General Cleanliness

Are there any build-ups of dust, mould, dirt, water residue or other material on any part of your umbrella? If so, we recommend cleaning this off as soon as possible, as any build-up can result in a breeding ground for mould – or indeed rust.
While all your umbrella parts are made of non-corrosive, marine-grade materials that resist and are impervious to rust, any residue or build-up on top of the material of your umbrella part can grow mould/rust/residue. While it will not likely affect the operation, strength or durability of your umbrella, it can be unsightly and can permanently damage or mark your canopy or frame. If left untreated, it can eventually build up to a point where it hinders the operation of your umbrella.

2. Canopy Cleanliness

Is there a build-up of dust/grime/dirt/bird droppings in any way on the canopy? If so, we recommend removing it and cleaning it as soon as possible. We recommend removing the canopy and cleaning it at least once every 12 months to remove any unseen build-up. Is the canopy damp? If so, as soon as possible on the next full sun day, open your umbrella and ensure the canopy is completely dry before closing. While the fabric is mould resistant in its fibres, leaving a damp canopy closed risks mould forming in the water sitting on the canopy. This may cause a need for an un-warrantied canopy replacement.

Cleaning Instructions

1. Light Cleaning

To clean your umbrella, water and a scrubbing brush should be sufficiently followed by full lubrication of the moving parts.
If more stubborn stains remain, we suggest using a solution of lukewarm water and household detergents.
Allow the canopy to air dry completely before storing it away.

2. Stubborn Stains

For very stubborn stains, it may be necessary to use either a pressure washer or non-abrasive, non-solvent based chemicals. We recommend consulting with your local hardware or canvas store to know which product in your region is suitable and available to you.
Depending on the chemical used there may be a risk of damage to your umbrella finish while removing a stain, so care and discretion are advised. Shadowspec does not take responsibility for any damage caused by this method.

3. Lubrication

At all times when cleaning, following drying of your umbrella, we advise full lubrication of the moving parts. Even if no build-up is evident, we recommend hosing and scrubbing down your umbrella with either pure water or scrubbing using a solution of lukewarm water and household detergent once every 6 months, or at very least once every 12 months.

4. Marine Environments

In marine environments, we would recommend increasing this frequency to once every 3-6 months for the best extended lifetime.